We are NOT another travel blog, wanderlust hashtagers, or vacation rental service. Yes vacation is nice and all.. but for real tho. we all got to work somehow to survive. All work is hard work at times, and thats life. We are not here to please any fashion designer or follow some trend. We stick with the old stuff we know works. One struggle at a time, we are all going through our own war for serenity. We share with you what puts our mind at peace. 


Our aim is to strive to make the most out of what we already have. We are a collective of creators. We use our force to design and shape used things into new things. When it comes to clothes, and such. we use army material because they are made to last in harsh conditions. 

Skateboards is what moves us forward, until we can afford to buy a car. We break our board ever so often. About 12 inches long 8 inches wide and 7-ply thick... each month. So that gives us a lot of free material to make cool shit out of... and save the world!!! 

Not really. But Relax, stay true, go fast and enjoy the future of yesterday.  That's GoodTimes


Thanks for your Support,


Vacation Domination